I'm Back!

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Hey everyone!

As most of you know, I made the difficult, but the best decision for myself, to move back east from Portland, OR. The anxiety I felt making the decision, as well as leading up to the actual move, was overwhelming, and unfortunately my blog became less of a priority for me. Among other reasons, my desire to further pursue my writing career, as well as my interest in political activism, two things I am incredibly passionate about, became increasingly challenging while living in a small city. I became very aware of the limitations. 

I am incredibly fortunate that I got the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and move 3000 miles away by myself. I had an incredible road trip there, bonding with my best friend along the way, met some amazing lifelong friends, and, coincidentally, found and reconnected with my oldest friend in the world, who is unquestionably my soulmate (we get it, Universe, we're meant to walk this Earth together, thanks for the reminder).

I came to know earthly beauty that I'd only visited before. Mountains and volcanoes became my backyard. Waterfalls were my playground. Fresh air filled my lungs (a rare treat growing up in the Northeast megalopolis). My feet touched the Pacific Ocean. I got to watch the sunrise on my bike rides to work, and the sunset over The Gorge Amphitheater while grooving to Pretty Lights. I volunteered often and met likeminded individuals. I met people who will forever inspire me. 

A part of my heart and spirit will remain in Portland forever. But for now, I'm where I need to be, and am eager to, once again, aggressively shove my opinions about food, books, and music in your face. Get excited. Love to you all.



Perri Lerner