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In case it wasn't obvious, my name is Perri. I'm a Philadelphia native living in Portland, OR. I have an east coast attitude with a west coast vibe. Basically, I'm both cities personified. When I moved to Portland, I immediately felt at home among the mountains and evergreens. The air is just fresher here, and I can tap into my zen more easily.

However, I feel just at home in Philly, where the scenery is a mass of concrete buildings, the air smells like garbage, and I'm on a first-name basis with the flasher on the El. I'm opinionated, I'm blunt, and I curse.  A lot. In fact, if you're offended by cursing, you should probably just leave now. Though I promise to try to control myself. 

Since feeling more at home in Portland, I've discovered there are two Perris: Portland Perri and Philly Perri. Portland Perri leaves her yoga class feeling spiritual and connected to the world, while Philly Perri flips off the driver who almost hit her while crossing Belmont. Both Perris live harmoniously in me. They look out for each other. They get each other. I love both Perris, and hopefully you will too. Because I promise they will both make appearances, often together. 

My heart is in writing. No matter what job I've had, I've made sure to keep writing an active part of my life, whether it's for articles or personal exploration. In my free time, I love to do yoga, go running, and try the latest vegan restaurant. I've also been known to have my nose buried in a book...or three, minimum.

So get ready to read about my favorite books, the latest shows I'm binging, the music I currently have on repeat, the food I'm eating, and rants about why my cat won't get off his ass and get a job already. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how I could be so right about pointless complaints you never even thought of. 

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